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restful leadership


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we believe this moment in time offers us an opportunity to both reimagine and redesign places of work and learning ...  and co-create liberatory spaces that value rest

As we collectively grapple with what it means to rest, live, heal, grieve, and be, many of us are rethinking what is important, not just in our homes but in our workplaces.  As a professor, founder, and coach I am profoundly interested in reimagining workplaces and schools from a place of rest ... and I'm not alone.


  Many people are contemplating how they can be better leaders in this moment, in this time. Many people are practicing new ways of exercising equitable leadership, using strategies that are anti-racist, trauma informed and sustainable. 


Restful Leadership research examines the intersections of rest, liberation work, and leadership.  It encourages us to build work lives we don't have to escape from while planning our collective escape.


We do this work because individually we are tired.  Collectively we are exhausted.  We should rest.

Image of a Black woman smiling. She is wearing a headwrap and orange cardigan.

Empowered by RAGE (race and gender equity) Restful Leadership is an anti-racist, trauma informed and human centered approach to being well at work.  It promotes liberatory leadership and centers rest practices that promote workplace wellbeing.

The Restful Leadership framework centers rest as an integral liberatory practice that equips individuals to prioritize and transform themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Rather than solely focus on Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) efforts that can be unsustainable and performative, Restful Leadership takes a more holistic approach in engaging the entire organization in designing a workplace that strives to achieve an ambitious mission and prioritizes rest. It also recognizes that EDI work can be traumatic, especially for the QTBIPOC folks that lead them.  Restful Leadership uplifts your story, and allows you to better care for yourself as you integrate your personal and professional lives. 

The Restful Leadership survey captures stories and lived experiences of social justice driven leaders throughout the world, in order to learn, share and build communtiy.


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Restful Leadership is a initiative of the Race and Gender Equity (RAGE) Project

2251 Florin Road, Suite 203, Sacramento CA 95822

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