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keynote presentations

"There was a time when I sacrificed everything for my work and my community, and I expected others to do the same.  I worked long hours and on the weekends. I couldn’t turn “work” off.  I cared so much about the causes that I was fighting for, that I forgot I also needed to care for myself.

You know we have a tendency to mask our own pain and feelings of inadequacy by trying harder, by achieving more, by doing more, and sometimes … even by pushing other people more.


Has there ever been a time in your life when you used work as an escape, as a way to hide from your loneliness or fear? When you were afraid if you didn’t produce you wouldn’t be accepted, or if you said no, you wouldn’t be loved.  Where you feared if you stopped working your youth or community would suffer? Where you felt like just being you wasn’t enough?


Go on a journey with me to examine how we end up stuck in a cycle of overwork,  Let's unpack all the systemic and personal obstacles that prevent us from creating a more restful work life."


Stacey Chimimba Ault is an experienced keynote speaker who has conducted inspiring and informational presentations virtually and in person.  Hear Dr. Stacey share her lived experiences, explore the most up-to-date rest research, and lead you in a process of self-discovery. Most of all, learn how to prioritize and implement individual and collective restful practices, inside and outside of the workplace.


leadership labs

Partnering with the Race and Gender Equity Project and using Dr. Ault's Restful Leadership Framework, our virtual or in-person workshops walk your team through an emergent process to imagine and innovate and implement.  It is recommended teams allow time to engage in dialogue, reflection and rest.  We deliberately resist urgency by starting with dreaming and imagining what our work spaces could be outside of grind culture.  

Introduction to Restful Leadership: This workshop introduces Restful Leadership as an anti-racist, trauma informed, human centered approach to being well at work. It introduces the aforementioned concepts and allows participants to examine their relationship to work and explore how their workplace does (or does not) prioritize rest.

Imagination Lab: Rest and Pause. Learn about the links between white supremacy culture and over-productivity.  Uncover and identify existing beliefs about the relationship between work and rest. Begin to imagine new ways of being.

Innovation Lab: Name current workplace practices, identify a collective why, and brainstorm & ideate new ways of working. Leave with ideas of how you can create a more trauma-informed, human-centered, restful workplace.

Implementation Lab: Identify a north star, and develop a road map for creating sustainable and restful change.  Locate levers of change that are connected to individual behaviors, group norms and workplace policies. 


restful retreats

Dr. Stacey works with the Race and Gender Equity  (RAGE) Project to create spaces that create change.


As a result of our retreats, participants learn how to rest.  They learn how to stop judging themselves and others by what they produce.  They unlearn the messages they have been taught about their worth. 


Then they become part of a community of care, where they learn how to implement anti-racist strategies to minimize burnout and prioritize wellness.

We are looking for leaders who are passionate about making a difference but no longer want to sacrifice their own well-being, or the well-being of their teams.

Workplace leadership retreats are co-created with your organization, to allow time for team members to pause, reflect, plan, and rest.

Professional development opportunities are periodically curated by the RAGE Team to provide opportunities for leaders to join with others to learn, build and heal.

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