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This research is deeply rooted in my own lived experiences of burnout, perfectionism, and over-achievement.  It is also dedicated to the lives of Black women who died too soon, including my best friend Dr. Linda Garrett, who did not overwork, rather showed me the importance of slowing down, and reading, and giving, and laughing. 


Dr. Linda reminded me how important it was to prioritize myself in a world that constantly tried to pull me in different directions.  I watch Black women and people of other races and genders, who are exhausted keeping up with the expectations of white supremacy culture, while simultaneously trying to re-imagine and build a less oppressive environment in their homes, communities and work spaces.

I am encouraged by workers and leaders, and worker-leaders, who are dismantling toxic work places and building affirming, restful spaces within which they work. 


Listening to peoples' stories helps us imagine new ways of being.  This research is my attempt to capture and share examples of liberatory spaces, so we can all have the courage, and the strategies, to pause, to dream, to dismantle and to build.

I'm glad you're here. 

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Dr Stacey Chimimba Ault (she, her, dr.) is the founder/CEO of the Race and Gender Equity (RAGE) Project, a nonprofit organization that works to harness the power of individual and collective transformation through healing, education, advocacy and research. The RAGE Project provides direct services to Black youth and community members and hosts a youth healing and co-working space in Sacramento.  The RAGE Project, LLC also provides anti-racism & restful leadership coaching and consulting.  RAGE creates spaces that create change.  Learn more about the Race and Gender Equity Project here.


Dr. Ault is a community leader, certified executive coach, and national speaker.  She has over 25 years of experience working with children, youth, and families; especially those most marginalized through exploitation and incarceration.   Most recently, Dr. Ault served as an Assistant Professor at California State University, Sacramento where she taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in race, class & gender, social movements and social work practice.

Previously, Stacey served as Youth Development Director and Interim Chief Family and Community Engagement Officer at Sacramento City Unified School District, where she leveraged her strengths in inside/outside change-making strategies, uplifting youth voice, building community, and equity-leadership practices to develop award-winning programming for students of color.


Dr. Ault's research focuses on Critical Post Traumatic Growth specifically uplifting the power and beauty of Blackness, resistance, joy, and healing.  CPTG uses Critical Race Theory to examine, identify and complicate our understanding of Post Traumatic Growth, recognizing in communities of color, both trauma and triumph are persistent, not “post”.  Her current research project explores the intersections of race, rest, leadership and liberation.


Stacey is of Bantu people from Malawi in South East Africa.  She grew up in the UK and immigrated to California in her late teens.  Dr. Ault got her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Sacramento State University and her Doctorate in International and Multicultural Education (with an emphasis in Human Rights Education) from the University of San Francisco.  She has experienced burnout and has her physical and mental health negatively impacted by work and racism. She is also hopeful and actively pursues love, peace, and rest.  Dr. Ault lives in Sacramento CA close to her lil friends (her six children & three grandchildren.



If you want to learn more about this project or connect with me about other opportunities.  Please send me an email.  I'll respond as soon as I can.  Thank you for your patience as I learn best how to create restful harmony in my work life.

- Dr. Stacey.

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