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Affirmations for rest

Affirmations are a good way to resist the internal negative narratives of stress and over-productivity. In a trauma stewardship group for Black women that I facilitate, we recently co-created some affirmations. Words we can declare when guilt, or fear, or overproduction shows up to distract us from caring for ourselves. Here are some of our favorites:

Field of sunflowers at sunrise or sunset
Image: Field of sunflowers at sunrise or sunset.

- I set boundaries and sit down.

- Someone will always ask for more than I have. I do not have to give them more.

- I protect my energy for my physical and mental health.

- I say no. It is enough.

- I rest tonight and tomorrow I will only do the work I am called to.

- I am worth more than my work. I am enough.

- I will rest for a while and drink from the well.

- I can't draw from an empty well.

- I go slow. I do not contribute to the chaos.

- I stop, pause, breathe, rest, think.

- I too deserve ease

- Spaciousness is sacred.

Hope these helped ... what are your favorites? Do you have some to add? To learn more about the work of the Race and Gender Equity Project click here.

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